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Thursday, October 20, 2016

10 Best Just-in-Case Gifts for the Holidays

Just in cases gifts are those somewhat generic emergency gifts we keep in the trunk of our card during the Christmas season. You can whip out your just in case gift for anyone who happens to give you a gift that you were not expecting.

I came up with Just In Case gifts after a few years of being guilt ridden over unexpected Christmas gifts coming my way. I couldn’t deal with the stress. Over the years I have come to realize many people keep Just in Case gifts and emergency gifts nearby to avoid the guilt!

Don’t worry some of the Just In Case Gifts will fit into your purse or wallet, so you do not have to have a car!

Gift Cards

Ok, gift cards are one of the safest and easy to carry Just In Case gifts out there. I started with this simple emergency gift idea in case you do not have a car. You can keep a gift card in your wallet or purse.

It is really a great idea to slip the gift card in a small card. Write a general message in the card and sign your name! Gift cards ot local coffee shops, food stores, or even spas are always a wonderful emergency just in case gift that fits all kinds of people.


Everyone loves candles, which is what makes them an awesome Just in Case gift. You can buy a popular fragrance like vanilla to suit a variety of people.



Ok, who can argue with chocolates as a great emergency Christmas gift. I love this idea because I love chocolate. Hey, if I end up not needing to use the box of chocolates as a gift, I can keep them!


Scarves in a safe color make a wonderful emergency Christmas gift idea. They are well suited to adults, kids, males, and females!


Lotion is a wonderful gift, but you need to buy a scent that is well suited to both guys and girls. Try for something like a Green Tea scent!


Luxury moisture soaps are also a fun idea for an emergency Christmas gift. Again, go for scents that suit both men and women. Green tea, melon, and simple traditional soap smells work best.


Books may not seem like the best emergency Christmas gift idea, but they really can be. Look for local books with local recipes, local history, or ideas of local activities. This will suit kids, men, and women.

Stationery/ Postcards

Stationary may seem outdated with email being so prevalent, but I bet more people send traditional letters than you realize. If you don ot like the idea of stationary or postcards, then opt for a photo album or picture frame!

Pet Toys

Almost everyone I know owns a let, which is why pet toys make awesome Just in Case Christmas gifts to keep handy. Dog treats, cat treats, toy balls, Cat grass, you name it and it will work for someone with a pet! Many local bakeries will often sell freshly baked dog biscuits, which is an awesome idea.

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